Ciara Wants You to Level Up in Self-Assured New Comeback Single

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“Know you want this yummy, yummy all in your tummy.” That’s what Ciara proclaims in her confident new single, “Level Up.”

Don’t let those racy lyrics fool you though. The song’s overall theme isn’t sexual at all. In fact, it’s a song of empowerment. Ciara sings about her growth as a woman who has learned from her mistakes and is now stronger and badder than ever.

The song was okay to me at first – not bad, not great. However, after about the 4th listen I found my shoulders unintentionally moving along to the pulsating beat. The upbeat track hits you with a beat that thumps along like a classic Baltimore club music anthem. There’s even some random xylophone or marimba action going on in the background.

The accompanying “Level Up” video dropped 2 days ago. It’s a high-energy spectacle that puts Ciara’s incredible dance moves on full display. The video shows Ciara leading a massive ensemble of females twerking, popping, and floor humping their hearts away, and it’s fun to watch.

Ciara has never been a strong vocalist, but for what she lacks in vocal ability she more than makes up for with her dancing skills. The girl can get down! She hasn’t given us a club or dance banger since 2013’s “I’m Out.” So, it’s nice to see Miss 1-2-Step back to doing what she does best.

Despite multiple pop and R&B hits early on, Ciara’s music career has lost steam over the years. Will “Level Up” be the comeback single she needs to put her back on the map? I’m not so sure, but I’m still gonna bop my shoulders along to it in the car.

What do you think of Ciara’s new song? New summer anthem, or nah? Let me know in the comments, and check out the “Level Up” video below.

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