That Pesky Face Weight

Across from the foot of my bed is a wavy-shaped, full-length mirror. It leans up against the wall, and every morning I’m looking back at myself as soon as I get up. I always find it interesting to see myself 1st thing in the morning in all my natural, unshowered glory. I glare at the mirror and study what I see, paying particular attention to my tummy and pecs. However, the area that catches my attention the most is my face. Not because I like to stare into my own eyes, but because that seems to be one area with some of the most stubborn fat. If you’ve ever had weight issues, then you know what I’m talking about.

Face Weight….yes, the chunky cheeks that come along with weight gain. That pesky face weight annoys me to no end. I’ve certainly gained weight over the last 3 years, although not to an unhealthy level thankfully. With all the constant traveling and sitting my last job required, weight gain was bound to happen to me. Honestly, I don’t totally mind my weight increase because I was too slim for a long time. However, I seem to gain weight disproportionately. I get bigger in my stomach, butt, and face yet nothing happens in my arms, leg, or feet. It’s so odd.

Now, I can deal with a gut. In fact, sometimes I like being pudgier. Who doesn’t love a dadbod??? (Not familiar with the dadbod…check out this article on Odyssey). However, I can’t get with the face weight. Yes…I know it’s what’s inside that counts, and I should be happy with myself regardless of my size, but I gotta keep it real. I’m just not all about that face bass :-/ No matter how much I’d like to convince myself.

Wikihow actually has a whole article on how to lose weight in your face. They even provide actual facial exercises. The exercises are quite amusing. For instance, there’s an exercise where you say the letters ‘X’ and ‘O’ over and over again. I tried it too. Can’t say I’m confident it will help, but what’s a few minutes of feeling and looking ridiculous if it’s gonna tone those cheeks 🙂

It’s funny because my sister recently told me that my face looked slimmer in a recent selfie I took. I appreciated the compliment, however I did confess to her that these cheeks are still very much full. I’ve just learned how to work the camera. Lol. After about 8-10 snapshots, there’s usually at least one that flatters the face.

You know Wikihow also said that alcohol consumption can cause facial puffiness. Maybe that’s my culprit. Hmmmm…..cut out wine or live with a puffy face???? I guess I better get used to face weight. Lol!!

Do you wish you could lose some weight in your face? What are your thoughts on face weight? Toddley wants to know!


My Neighbor Won’t Stop Having Sex :-/

Omg yall! I have been having a little trouble sleeping recently. Almost every night between 10pm-12am (sometimes later), all I’m hearing is squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak-squeak…..and I’m not talking about a mouse. No, it’s my neighbor’s squeaky ass bed. For a week straight, I’ve been subjected to the lovemaking sessions of the lady that lives above me. It’s driving me bananas!

I didn’t even know she was seeing anyone. She’s always by herself whenever I see her, and I never hear a man in her apt. However, last week when all this sexing started, I finally saw a guy with her. As they left her apt, I started to ask, “Are y’all gonna let me get some sleep tonight?”

They did it Tues night, Wed night, Thurs night, took a break Friday, had afternoon sex on Sat, then went back to nighttime sex on Sun. And yes, they did it Mon night (last night) as well.

Now, I’m not hating. For the longest time, she hasn’t had anyone laying her pipe, or at least not that I could hear. I would very randomly hear her getting some action back in the day. And whenever she was getting some, you DEFINITELY knew it! She was VERY vocal! I thought for sure a few times that she was filming a flick up there.  Thankfully, she’s been a lot quieter with her recent sexcapade. The bed is loud enough. I couldn’t handle hearing both her and the bed. It’s not only the annoying squeak of the bed, but you can hear the headboard banging against the wall too. They are putting that poor bed to the test!

I don’t know…I’m happy she’s found her a farmer to plow her field, but Honey, you still have neighbors that don’t want to listen in on you and your man every night. I don’t know what to do. I’m in school, & I work early morning shifts. Her lovemaking conflicts with my sleep schedule. Should I say something? Should I just bang the ceiling with my broomstick to try to quiet them down? I just hope their lust dies down sooner than later. Have you ever shared a similar experience? What would you do if your neighbor kept having loud sex every night??? Toddley wants to know 🙂

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“Work smarter, not harder”….really????

If someone told you to “work smarter, not harder” how would that make you feel? I had a coworker say that to me soon after I started my part-time job, and I must say, I found it to be highly insulting. When did it become a bad thing to work harder? The interesting thing is that this particular coworker tends to be one of the lazier ones on the job. Even another coworker has commented to me about Mr. Work Harder Not Smarter’s lack of motivation at work. Other coworkers and I have picked up his slack before. I guess in his mind, leaving his work for others to finish is working smarter, not harder.

Anywho, the day this coworker said this to me, I was working on a small task at work. He thought my method was more challenging and suggested an alternate method, without tact I might add. He isn’t one for saying things tactfully. After making his suggestion, he told me to “work smarter, not harder.” Now, had he told me to “work easier, not harder”, then I wouldn’t have felt some kinda way. I appreciated being shown a simpler way to do something, but my original method was still getting the job done without affecting him or anyone else for that matter. So, why was I being dumber just because I was taking a few extra steps???

I’ve even seen other situations where one person has their way of doing something, feels you’re supposed to do it their way too, and gets upset if you don’t. However, just like with many math problems, there can be multiple ways to obtain the answer. How you go about getting it is your choice, and you shouldn’t be judged for that. Just because you took 6 steps to figure out the solution and I took 4 steps doesn’t mean you’re not as smart as me. Frankly, the only time I would ever consider someone as not working smartly is if their method is dangerous or not getting the job done. And even then, I would never insult someone by telling them to work smarter. I would just politely offer to show them an easier way to get the job done.

What do you think? Am I overeacting? What does “work smarter, not harder” mean to you? Toddley would love to know!

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“All About That Bass” to “All About That Rest”

OMG yall! I was devastated when I woke up from my afternoon nap yesterday and checked my email. There was this unexpected message from Ticketmaster informing me that my girl’s show this Sunday night at The Tabernacle in Atlanta had been canceled. Yes, Miss “All About That Bass” herself, Meghan Trainor, was not coming to the A-Town. What in the world?!?!? I was hoping I was still dreaming. I bought tix to this show way back in March of this year, & I’ve been anxiously awaiting to get my “Lips are Moving” on. Soooo, when I found out that the show wasn’t happening, I was certainly a brokenhearted, little Megatron. (Meghan calls her fans Megatronz in case you didn’t know).  The poor thing actually had to cancel all of her remaining tour dates due to a hemorrhage in her vocal cords. As a singer myself, I know the voice is nothing to play with, so I can’t even be upset with her. I can only wish her a successful recovery.

This would have been my first concert in over a year. I’ve definitely been having concert withdrawal too. My last was the ever so amazing Mayer Hawthorne show at Center Stage Atlanta. With my crazy new school & work schedule, in addition to my college student budget, concerts aren’t really in my foreseeable future. So, I was definitely looking forward to this treat of a show….especially since it was the Sunday night before classes started back up. I forced myself to see the one good thing in all of this: I’m getting a refund. It’s not like I couldn’t use the money either :-/

Meghan is such a unique artist, & I love that about her. Like Adele, she’s a beautiful pop star that doesn’t follow the conventional standards of beauty that dominate the pop world. She made that clear with her debut single “All About That Bass.” Meghan writes her own songs and sings wonderfully. Her songs are incredibly catchy, and many of her lyrics have this layer of sassiness that the inner queen in me just adores. Since I can’t get my concert, I will have to settle for YouTube videos. Check out her fabulous performance of “Dear Future Husband” below on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Megatronz, where you at? Do any of you have tickets to any hot upcoming shows? Let me know who you’re going to see 🙂

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Hello world :-D

Hey hey hey!!!

It’s your boy Todd Vaughan aka Toddley, and welcome to my brand new blog Chat and Sip. I’m very excited to have a blog up and running where I can share my thoughts about life, love, pop culture and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Throughout the years, I have invited friends over to the various apartments I’ve lived in for “wine and conversation.” It was always a blast. We’d sip wine (the inexpensive brands of course…lol) or a cocktail and talk about life and all the craziness that comes with it. Sometimes I would cook dinner too, but rest assured, you could always count on a good drink being in the mix. So, I decided to name my blog Chat and Sip as a way to always remember the good times and tipsy chats I had with friends. I’m a bit of an introvert, so I’ve always kept a smaller circle of friends. Unfortunately, I don’t have wine and conversation nights too much anymore because my closest friends have either moved away, passed away, or just have so much on their plate these days that it’s hard for us to get together. Not to mention that my schedule is also crazy these days. Still, I love a good drink and a good conversation to go with it. So, pour yourself a drink and let’s chat!!! 🙂

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