How Missy Elliott can inspire us all to be a little bit kinder today

Missy Elliott Onstage

For a good hour last night, I was on cloud 9. The one and only Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott had actually liked the comment I left on her latest Instagram post. I couldn’t believe it!

Half of the time I comment on a stranger’s post, they don’t even acknowledge it. Celebrities….forget it! So, I was thrilled that someone as legendary as Missy Elliott actually paid attention to little old me.

But, her ‘like’ meant a lot more to me at that moment because I wasn’t in a good mood. I was a bit down and have been feeling that way quite a bit recently. Things right now are a bit crazy as I try to figure out where I’m going with my life since finishing school.

Missy’s interaction with me highlighted the importance of being kind to others. She could have just ignored me like most celebrities would have done, but she didn’t. As a result, she really made my day. She unintentionally turned a crappy day into a fabulous one if only for just an hour.

It got me thinking about the act of kindness. It’s so easy to be friendly and courteous, but unfortunately, not everyone is. We all could turn someone’s day around, even if just for a moment, simply by being kind. One of my favorite quotes says to “always smile to a stranger, for it may be the only sunshine they see all day.”

That’s so true. You just never know what people are going through. Often, people have internal struggles that we don’t see. Just one moment of being rude or insensitive could send them over the edge or break their already fragile spirit.

You’ll be surprised how much the smallest gesture can give someone peace of mind even if for only a few minutes. Those precious minutes may be all that person needs to re-energize and shake off some of their stress.

2 females laughing and hugging

So smile to that stranger. Say thank you. Hold the door open for someone. Let that car over into your lane. Show some love when a person leaves a compliment on your social media post. Tell someone to have a nice day. Give your best friend a hug!

It’s the little things that can sometimes have the biggest impact!

I’d love to hear how someone’s small act of kindness made your day. Please share in the comments, and I hope that you have a wonderful and fantastic Friday!

*Missy Elliott photo courtesy of Romana Pierzga on Flickr

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