Three Basic Things Any Person You Date Should Have

Keving Hart why the hell did I date you meme

Look, I get it. Sometimes it just feels good to say you're dating someone, especially if you haven't dated in a while. We all have our insecurities, and it's wonderful to come across someone who thinks your pudgy little belly is cute or those freckles on your face are hot. However, don't let your new… Continue reading Three Basic Things Any Person You Date Should Have

Public breastfeeding is here, yall!


Time to celebrate, ladies! You can finally free the nipple....well, to nurse your baby that is. Yes, this week it officially became legal in every US state to breastfeed your child in public. Even though I knew women who nursed in public caught scrutiny sometimes from others, I didn't actually know it was illegal. That's… Continue reading Public breastfeeding is here, yall!

#FlashbackFriday: Recognizing Demi Lovato


Like most people, I was completely caught off guard this past Tuesday by the news of Demi Lovato. I was casually strolling out of Kroger grocery store when a breaking news notification popped up on my phone saying that Demi Lovato had been rushed to the hospital for what appeared to be a heroin overdose.… Continue reading #FlashbackFriday: Recognizing Demi Lovato

Letting go of toxic family members

Sad African-American female at a windy beach

Although I grew up in the South where family is everything, I wasn’t born with the family bug. I was close to my immediate family growing up, but I never felt the need to develop that same bond with my extended family. The fact that all my aunts, uncles, and cousins lived hours away didn’t… Continue reading Letting go of toxic family members

How Missy Elliott can inspire us all to be a little bit kinder today

For a good hour last night, I was on cloud 9. The one and only Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott had actually liked the comment I left on her latest Instagram post. I couldn't believe it! Half of the time I comment on a stranger's post, they don't even acknowledge it. Celebrities....forget it! So, I was thrilled… Continue reading How Missy Elliott can inspire us all to be a little bit kinder today

Ciara Wants You to Level Up in Self-Assured New Comeback Single

"Know you want this yummy, yummy all in your tummy." That's what Ciara proclaims in her confident new single, "Level Up." Don't let those racy lyrics fool you though. The song's overall theme isn't sexual at all. In fact, it's a song of empowerment. Ciara sings about her growth as a woman who has learned… Continue reading Ciara Wants You to Level Up in Self-Assured New Comeback Single

Mary J. Blige Takes Us Back to Studio 54 With Discofied New Single

Mary J. Blige - Only Love single cover

Other than my oldest sister, I'm pretty sure no one would argue with me that Mary J. Blige is one of the greatest R&B artists of all time. When a legend like Patti LaBelle or Aretha Franklin is willing to do a song with you, then you definitely have something special. Just like those R&B… Continue reading Mary J. Blige Takes Us Back to Studio 54 With Discofied New Single