Dating someone you’re not attracted to

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Picture this. After years of bad dates, you finally meet the perfect guy — well, almost perfect. He has a car, a nice house of his own and is financially stable. He shares your interests, is caring and always knows the right things to say.

Even more impressive is that he makes you laugh like no one else has before. You feel 100% comfortable around him.

However, he has one hiccup: you don’t find him physically attractive.

Despite all those other wonderful qualities, you struggle to see any physical beauty with him. And although you hate to admit it, you occasionally find yourself embarrassed to be seen with him.

Would you stay with him and try to overlook this one missing quality, or would you let him go?

Well, I’m sure I will get a variety of answers to that question. Physical attraction is one of those things that is an absolute requirement for some people yet not that big of a deal to others.

I’ve dated people I didn’t find that attractive and focused on their personality instead. The right personality can definitely make someone cuter. Unfortunately, there is always the risk that the not-so-hot person you start dating may not have a winning personality either.

They might seem charming in the beginning, as many often do in the early stages of dating. But once the infatuation wears off and their true self comes to the light, you may unfortunately discover that your boo is unattractive inside and out.

The last thing you want is someone who treats you like crap and doesn’t even get your juices going. If you’re going to be a dog, at least give me something to look at.

Not to mention that even the unattractive ones still cheat. It’s bad enough to get cheated on by a sexy spouse, but to get cheated on by someone who isn’t even cute will hurt 10x worse and have you seriously questioning your judgment.

On the other hand, that sweet and thoughtful guy you wish was slimmer, taller, and not so hairy, just might be the one person who is truly the yin to your yang. You just never really know.

Physical attraction is important, though. Every relationship needs a healthy sex life, and a healthy sex life can be difficult to achieve if you’re not physically attracted to your partner. However, beauty may not last forever. As some people age, they lose their attractive features.

And what if your partner experiences a tragic accident that leaves their face or body damaged? At that point, all you can rely on is their inner beauty. Therefore, it may be best that you have a stronger attraction to your mate for who they are on the inside in case something unexpectedly happens to them on the outside.

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So, I say if the personality or emotional connection seems like it’s there, give that unattractive person a chance. Doing so may result in a beautiful future.

What are your thoughts on dating someone you don’t find physically attractive? Would you give them a shot or not even bother? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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