Mary J. Blige Takes Us Back to Studio 54 With Discofied New Single

Other than my oldest sister, I’m pretty sure no one would argue with me that Mary J. Blige is one of the greatest R&B artists of all time. When a legend like Patti LaBelle or Aretha Franklin is willing to do a song with you, then you definitely have something special.

Just like those R&B queens, Mary J. Blige has well established herself as music royalty, and now she is back with a dope new single certain to remind the world that she’s still got it after nearly 30 years in the business.

Mary J. Blige - Only Love single coverLast week, Mary J. Blige dropped her newest single, “Only Love.” It’s a disco funk tune that begs for a dancefloor and will inspire you to search Pandora for those Barry White and Gloria Gaynor jams you always loved.  The track samples “Dr. Love” by First Choice and gives us a euphonious mix of strings, horns, and big background vocals. The song is a straight-up bop!

Given the fact that MJB recently finalized a long, stressful divorce from ex-husband Kendu Isaacs, you would think the songstress would have returned with one of her signature heartwrenching, “Not Gon Cry” style anthems. However, Mary, who has been the voice of the broken woman throughout her career, takes a positive turn.  On “Only Love”, she showcases a hopeful and happier Mary.

Just like her 2005 smash “Be Without You,” the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul focuses on the joy of love and sings about the satisfaction of finally finding that special someone.  It’s a refreshing comeback from a woman who, despite the painful times, still believes in love.

Take a listen below.

What do you think of Mary’s new song? Are you feeling the disco sound, or are you missing her signature hip-hop vibe? Toddley wants to know!

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