New Instagram Challenge Will Have You in Your Feelings

Social media never seems to be at a loss for fun and sometimes over-the-top challenges. From the ice bucket and mannequin challenges to the hilariously
raunchy “For the D/For the P” challenge, there is constantly a crazy new social media fad dominating your Facebook timeline.rapper Drake

If you love to dance or love Drake, then the latest Instagram craze will have you gagging. Meet the In My Feelings Challenge.

Created by Instagram celebrity Shiggy of “The Shiggy Show,” this viral dance movement has participants doing Shiggy’s own “The Shiggy” dance to Drake’s new summer anthem, “In My Feelings.” Now, I don’t normally partake in these social media challenges myself, but the In My Feelings Challenge with its accompanying happy-go-lucky dance is tempting me to bust a move for the camera.

The dance is simple enough for nearly anyone to follow, and you can easily make it your own. Although no one can top Shiggy himself, there are some pretty impressive versions circulating the ‘gram.

Everyone is getting in their feelings too, from celebs like Odell Beckham Jr. and Ciara to news stations and inmates. Yes, actual prisoners are filming themselves doing the Shiggy! I didn’t even know jails allowed incarcerated individuals to use cell phones.

Not to mention, that the song “In My Feelings” is fire! We can always count on Drake to give us at least one dance banger from his albums. The upbeat tune currently sits at number one on the Apple Music charts, and I’m pretty sure the current slew of Shiggy videos played a significant part in helping Drizzy secure the top spot.

What do you think of the In My Feelings Challenge? Are you going to get in on the action and post a video? Let me know in the comments, and check out some of my favorite challenge clips below.

Drake Image Credit: By The Come Up Show from Canada (Jorja Smith & Drake) – CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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