Where Did the Time Go????

Hey everyone!!!!!

Long time no chat and certainly long time no sip. Hahaha! I can’t believe it has been over a year since I last blogged. I don’t even have anything official to say at the moment. My a$$ is just up, sipping on wine, thinking about life.

I came to look at Chat and Sip and reminisce, and I was like, “let me put up something really quick.” I miss blogging. Writing like this is so therapeutic for me, and it’s just fun!

I’ve been focusing so much on school for the past 2 years that I just really put this blog to rest for a bit. For those of you who don’t know, I got my first ever degree finally!!!! I got an Associate of Applied Science in Web Design & Development.

I also published my brand new website. Well, I completely redesigned it, so it feels brand new. Check it out!!!! The address is http://www.toddvaughan.com

Even though I have the degree now, and I’ve put out a portfolio, I am still studying. I’m doing a lot of self-study right now. School just doesn’t teach you enough (or at least not my school). Sometimes I feel like I know a little about everything and a lot about nothing.

So, I gotta keep learning on my own. Granted, I have confidence issues. I have for a while. Sometimes I don’t really realize how smart I am until I collaborate with others.

Anyhow, what is everybody sipping on these days????? Y’all know Toddley loves his wine. I’ve become a big fan of Beringer. Cheap wine, but it’s tasty and buzzes me up like a good wine is supposed to. Lol!

Oh, and Sweet Red Roo from Yellow Tail (another great brand)……that wine is off the chain!!!!! I can drink it room temp or chilled.

Sooooo much we could chat about right now from RuPaul’s Drag Race to the new Christina Aguilera album that dropped on Friday. And of course, my crazy life! From dealing with crazy family members to living with an ex. Life is an adventure! Lol! I will have to post something very soon.

Okay, that’s all for now. I hope life is treating you fabulously. 🙂 Adios, chatters and sippers.


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