“All About That Bass” to “All About That Rest”

OMG yall! I was devastated when I woke up from my afternoon nap yesterday and checked my email. There was this unexpected message from Ticketmaster informing me that my girl’s show this Sunday night at The Tabernacle in Atlanta had been canceled. Yes, Miss “All About That Bass” herself, Meghan Trainor, was not coming to the A-Town. What in the world?!?!? I was hoping I was still dreaming. I bought tix to this show way back in March of this year, & I’ve been anxiously awaiting to get my “Lips are Moving” on. Soooo, when I found out that the show wasn’t happening, I was certainly a brokenhearted, little Megatron. (Meghan calls her fans Megatronz in case you didn’t know).  The poor thing actually had to cancel all of her remaining tour dates due to a hemorrhage in her vocal cords. As a singer myself, I know the voice is nothing to play with, so I can’t even be upset with her. I can only wish her a successful recovery.

This would have been my first concert in over a year. I’ve definitely been having concert withdrawal too. My last was the ever so amazing Mayer Hawthorne show at Center Stage Atlanta. With my crazy new school & work schedule, in addition to my college student budget, concerts aren’t really in my foreseeable future. So, I was definitely looking forward to this treat of a show….especially since it was the Sunday night before classes started back up. I forced myself to see the one good thing in all of this: I’m getting a refund. It’s not like I couldn’t use the money either :-/

Meghan is such a unique artist, & I love that about her. Like Adele, she’s a beautiful pop star that doesn’t follow the conventional standards of beauty that dominate the pop world. She made that clear with her debut single “All About That Bass.” Meghan writes her own songs and sings wonderfully. Her songs are incredibly catchy, and many of her lyrics have this layer of sassiness that the inner queen in me just adores. Since I can’t get my concert, I will have to settle for YouTube videos. Check out her fabulous performance of “Dear Future Husband” below on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Megatronz, where you at? Do any of you have tickets to any hot upcoming shows? Let me know who you’re going to see 🙂

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