Hello world :-D

Hey hey hey!!!

It’s your boy Todd Vaughan aka Toddley, and welcome to my brand new blog Chat and Sip. I’m very excited to have a blog up and running where I can share my thoughts about life, love, pop culture and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Throughout the years, I have invited friends over to the various apartments I’ve lived in for “wine and conversation.” It was always a blast. We’d sip wine (the inexpensive brands of course…lol) or a cocktail and talk about life and all the craziness that comes with it. Sometimes I would cook dinner too, but rest assured, you could always count on a good drink being in the mix. So, I decided to name my blog Chat and Sip as a way to always remember the good times and tipsy chats I had with friends. I’m a bit of an introvert, so I’ve always kept a smaller circle of friends. Unfortunately, I don’t have wine and conversation nights too much anymore because my closest friends have either moved away, passed away, or just have so much on their plate these days that it’s hard for us to get together. Not to mention that my schedule is also crazy these days. Still, I love a good drink and a good conversation to go with it. So, pour yourself a drink and let’s chat!!! 🙂

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