Put Some Respeck on J-Lo’s Name

Jennifer Lopez onstage
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The other day, The Shade Room posted on Instagram that Jennifer Lopez would be this year’s recipient of MTV’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. I couldn’t believe the hate that was in the comments. Sooooo many folks were unhappy with MTV’s decision.

In fact, a lot of people prefer that Missy Elliott receive the award instead. Some folks have even started petitions on Twitter to try to get MTV to give Missy the Video Vanguard Award.

While I do think Missy Elliott is definitely worthy of this prestigious award, it is really unfair to act like J-Lo is not. As an artist who once dominated MTV and is still very relevant after almost 20 years in the music game, Jennifer Lopez certainly deserves this award.

Jennifer Lopez It’s been 19 years since J-Lo’s debut album On the 6 dropped. Nineteen freaking years! That’s the album that gave us the sultry “Waiting for Tonight,” “If You Had My Love,” and the Latin dance classic “Let’s Get Loud.”

As a little teenage gay boy, I used to dance around the house pretending I was J-Lo, trying to imitate the moves from the Latin-flavored dance break in the “If You Had My Love” video. 😁 Hell, even as an adult, play that “If You Had My Love (Pablo Flores Remix)”, and watch me salsa around this house like a Latin princess.

Jennifer was already a budding movie star at the time, but I hadn’t really paid much attention to her movies. However, when she hit the music scene, I was team J-Lo ever since.

I remember watching her VH1 Behind the Music episode and feeling so inspired by her story. This woman continuously believed in herself when others did not believe in her. She pursued her entertainment dreams against her mom’s wishes, something I could certainly relate to since my parents weren’t fond of me pursuing a music career.

Her self-confidence and determination have led to her selling more than 80 million records, becoming the 1st woman in history to have a #1 album and #1 movie simultaneously, and headlining the highest-grossing show ever at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Not to mention that J-Lo has given us some sexy and creative videos over the years, like the Flashdance-inspired “I’m Glad” video. We all know she’s a dancing queen, and she has definitely given us memorable dance routines like her cane choreography in “Get Right” and her fantastic dance break midway through the “Feelin’ So Good” video. Her video for “On The Floor” is even one of the top 100 most viewed VEVO videos of all time with a whopping 1.2 billion views! That sounds like someone deserving of a video vanguard award to me.

gif of J-Lo dancing with a cane from Get Right

And frankly, she’s a damn good performer. How many 49-year-olds do you know that can whip their hair, shake their a$$, drop to the floor and slide across the stage on their knees without breaking their bones or losing their breath? Hell, I know some out-of-shape 30-year-olds that could not keep up with Ms. Lopez onstage or in life, and I’m sure you do too.

Look, you can hate on her voice, her songs, or even her acting all you want to, but you can’t hate on her hustle. It’s not often you come across people in life with the drive and confidence to follow their dreams like J-Lo and to actually make their dreams come true. People like that should be recognized. Jennifer Lopez has well earned her spot alongside Janet, Madonna, LL Cool J, Beyonce, and the slew of other artists that have won the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Besides, it’s just a damn award. I mean really. I think sometimes people put too much value on awards. An artist can be talented as hell and hardly ever win any awards. At the end of the day, what matters most is the fans. Sure an award is nice, but an artist’s career would essentially be nothing without those ticket-buying and music-streaming fans. So stop worrying so much about who won what, and just keep supporting your favorite artists.

Are you a J-Lo fan? If not, Toddley still loves you. We all have our own tastes. How do you feel about J-Lo receiving this award? Drop me a comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Put Some Respeck on J-Lo’s Name”

  1. You know I am by no means a fan; however, to your point she has been in the game for years. Yes, Missy has made her mark but honestly where has she been the last few years. I wasn’t aware of the shade she was getting. Maybe folks will be respectful when the award is given.

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  2. This isn’t exactly my area of the industry and I can’t really say that I’m informed about it. But I do know how loud, hateful and “I want my way!” The pop culture voices can get over stuff like this. I have to say, your article is refreshingly thoughtful and balanced, lacking the demands and hysterics of the clamouring (and classless) segment of divisive props-droppers out there. I’m no Latin princess (or Nubian queen), but I got nothing but respect for both of these ladies for all that they represent and for the positive message that their examples present to a pop youth crowded with plenty of poor examples. Article appreciated, thanks!

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